Embedded Systems

Keywords: Embedded systems, Microcontroller, ARM Cortex-m, RTOS, Embedded Linux

An Electronic System that includes a programmable computer with ultimate controlling part ending with a Microprocessor/Microcontroller , running an Embedded Software on Limited Resources and Power AND is not intended to be used as a general-purpose computer.

Any Electronic Systems whose ultimate controlling part ends on a Microprocessor or a Microcontroller, having limited resources and Power, running deep embedded software implementing limited predefined jobs/functionalities and not meant to be used as a general-purpose computer.

It all started in early 1960 when Apollo Guidance computer (AGC) was built and used by Apollo Mission astronauts to collect flight information.  The Apollo Guidance computer (AGC) was built around monolithic integrated circuits and is considered as the first modern embedded system. Since then Embedded systems have evolved to be gigantic computing systems ranging from having no user interface (UI) to complex graphical user interfaces (GUI), such as in mobile devices.

An embedded system combines mechanical, electrical, and chemical components along with a computer, hidden inside, to perform a single (or a set of predefined) dedicated functions. Today we are trapped in billions of small and big computers with more computers in our homes and offices than humans on the planet. We interact with various gadgets all the time in our houses, cars, toys, etc. etc. With the addition of Artificial intelligence and Internet-of-Things , the embedded systems have revolutionized human life.

There are more computer on the planet earth than humans. We human are surrounded by billion of tiny computers that we see and that are deep embedded in machines surrounding us. According to Market survey report, global demand for embedded systems market was valued at USD 159.00 billion in 2015, and is expected to generate revenue of USD 225.34 billion by end of 2021. Strong demands for smarter and power efficient electronic devices are expected to be the major drivers for the global embedded system market. Growing application of embedded systems in the automobile industry, upward demand for embedded systems with multi-core technologies and embedded graphics is expected to support the embedded systems market growth in the near future.

This website is for embedded systems novice who wants to catch pace in the field of embedded systems. The focus was given to bare-metal programming to ensure the beginners understand the underlying register level control and get familiar with reading SoC datasheets/documentations. Getting familiar with register level programming also helps understanding various vendors libraries or building custom ones.

I hope the stuff presented in this website will be of some assistance to you. I am looking forward to hear back from you. So I wish you good luck for a more brighter future in the field of Embedded System. I will love to see better future engineers like you producing more efficient and secure Embedded System as per future products demands.


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