Who am I?

Ahmad Ijaz
Embedded Software / Firmware Engineer

µController Enthusiasts, Embedded Systems Enthusiast, Technology Lover, Techie, Hobbyist.

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Hi, My name is Ahmad Ijaz – big fan of “The Big Bang Theory” and love to play “Snooker”. I love watching Cartoons – ohhh and those “Penguins of Madagascar” characters are my favorite. I have done my graduation in Electrical Engineering (EE) from “University Of Engineering and Technology (UET)” and currently proceeding Masters in Computer Sciences from “Information Technology University (ITU)”.

My background Experience mostly circulates around Programming, Embedded Systems Design and Development, IoT, Real Time Operating Systems, Linux and Web Development. I developed interest in Embedded Systems and Programming from the very beginning of my University Life. I like web Development apart from the fact that i learned it out of curiosity.

I learned most the things from online resources i.e. mostly from OpenSource, using Free tools, from people who love sharing knowledge. The purpose of these tutorials is primarily to help newbies catch pace in understanding basics of Embedded Systems Programming or bringing up their custom design. I learned from people who love to share knowledge and I would love my knowledge to be of some assistance to others.

I guess we all make mistake as we go down the road and I am no exception. Though I have tried my level best to keep things errors free but due to lack of free time availability, there are good chances of errors. So, if you find any error/mistake in source code or anywhere on this website, do inform me about it. I will love to hear back from YOU.