Communication Protocols

Brief Introduction to CAN Bus Protocol

Keywords: Embedded systems, Serial Communication, CAN Bus CAN is a multi-master, broadcast, asynchronous, serial messaging protocol designed by Bosch in 1986 for Automotive applications.Remember, CAN is not an address based protocol, neither its a handshaking based; which means there is no way a message can be directed towards a single […]

Introduction to I2C Protocol

Keywords: Embedded systems, Serial Communication, I2C I2C (Inter Integrated Circuit) is a two wire Synchronous half-duplex communication bus specifications used to interface low data rate devices. I2C was originally developed by Philips Semiconductor in 1982. is a multi-master, multi-slave, serial communication bus interface. I2C is well suited […]

Introduction to SPI Communication

Keywords: Embedded systems, Serial Communication, SPI The Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) is four wire┬áSynchronous Serial┬áCommunication interface specification (Not Standard) used for short distance inter-peripheral communication in Embedded Systems. SPI was originally developed by Motorola in the mid 1980s [1]. SPI is commonly used for short […]

UART/USART Serial Communication-RS232

Keywords: Embedded systems, RS-232, UART, Serial Communication I have been using Serial communication in embedded systems from quite long time. Honestly speaking I have been thinking of UART serial port to be RS-232 communication. This may be due to the fact that RS-232 is discussed […]